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Let me show you how to use the visualization technology of Olympic Athletes... Billionaire Entrepreneurs.. and the world's top 1% to radically improve your success with women GUARANTEED.

Dear Wingman,

Do you ever wonder if there’s something inside you that prevents you from getting women?

Almost like you’ve got one foot on the gas pedal and one foot on the break?

And if you could just stop standing in your own way...

If you could stop the negative thinking and self doubt...

Then you’d have the freedom to date women without awkwardness?

Call it insecurity… approach anxiety… or not being sure what to say.

If you’ve ever yelled at yourself for not ACTING when an opportunity with a woman presented itself…

Then this letter is specifically for YOU.

Now You Might be Thinking:

“How can visualization help
me get more women?”

Because women are like little radar systems.

And their attraction for you is based on what’s going on inside your head.

So when you have shame surrounding women…

When you don’t think you’re good enough to get them...

And when you have a belief that you shouldn’t “inconvenience them” with your approach...


But when you get your inner game right…

When you reprogram your brain to adopt the belief systems of men who are successful with dating…

And when you actually feel GOOD about yourself in the process...


Through visualization we can quickly reprogram our brains to take on these attractive qualities.

And women will respond to you like never before.

Does Visualization Really Work?

Visualization is so effective that almost every single sports team… Professional athlete... And top performer uses it.

Why? Because your mind can’t tell the difference between a visualization and the real thing. So when you visualize success, success-based coding is written into your brain and you will unconsciously perform in a way that gets success.

Here’s a Quick Punch List
of The Kind of Results People Are Getting With Visualization…

One of the most famous examples of visualization is when Tony Robbins was hired by the U.S. Army to improve the pistol shooting scores of their new recruits. By using visualization combined with NLP modeling, Robbins was able to take the average class from a 73% success rate in 27 hours, to a 100% success rate in 12 hours! In other words, he was able to make every student pass the course in half the time! Think about that for a second... Robbins did with visualization what the entire US Army couldn’t do with their pick of the nation’s best shooting experts.

Famous psychologist Alan Richardson took a group of basketball players... divided them into 2 groups… and tested each player’s ability to make free throws.

  • The first group practiced free throws for 20 minutes a day.
  • The second group didn’t practice at all. They just visualized.

The group who only visualized improved at a near identical rate as the players who actually practiced!

Dr. Guang Yue and his team at the famous Cleveland Clinic conducted a study which proved that visualizing lifting weights - and not actually doing it - will increase muscle strength and stamina by up to 35%.

The world’s best public speakers - including President Obama - are some of the most passionate users of visualization. Much like rehearsing before speaking to a woman, when they visualize a successful speech their mind and body are programmed to duplicate it. It’s like approaching 100 girls in your mind. So by the time you do it in real life, your body language… tone… and conversation will be as smooth and free-flowing as a natural.

Visualization is used by Arnold Schwarzenegger… Michael Jordan… Michael Phelps… Jim Carrey … Conor McGregor … Oprah Winfrey… Sir Richard Branson… Will Smith… Wayne Rooney… Jay Z… Tony Robbins… Steve Jobs… and thousands of other successful athletes, actors, entrepreneurs, and top performers.

But the real question is:

What can it do for you?

Now Here’s PROOF of

What Visualization Will Do

For Your Dating Life


We gave my new visualization program to a hand selected group of 46 students.

Over a 30 day period each student went through the visualization exercises for a minimum of 10 minutes a day.*

By the end of the 30 day period the average reported increase in results with women was over 300%!

And that’s with a minimum time investment of only 10 minutes a day.

Students who are willing to invest more effort can 5X or even 10X their results.

What would it mean for your dating life this year if you could 10X your results with women?

As one student put it:
“I easily moved up in the pecking order by visualizing and taking on new belief systems. I NEVER would have thought of using something like this before, but this has been the biggest game changer for me when it comes to my dating life.”
*10 minutes a day for 30 days is the minimum recommended commitment for this program

I’d Like to Introduce You to

My Friend and Coach,

Mark Sing
Like you, I’m trying to improve myself.

And working with a coach has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my happiness and success.

My coach is Mark Sing.

He is a dating and life coach.

But he’s unique because he uses NLP
(Neuro Linguistic Programming) and visualization.

He works with clients like you on the phone and helps them “rewire” their brains.

By working with him they become more effective with women and more effective in life.

After experiencing his coaching first hand…

After hearing about what he’s able to do with his male clients…

I knew I had to steal him away
and introduce him to YOU.

Together we created a program based off his 15+ years of working with men who want to improve with women.

He wrote the program. I voiced it.

And it’s specifically designed to “rewire” your brain so you can finally operate with ease and confidence around the girls you’re attracted to.

  • So you’ll stop making excuses to why you shouldn’t approach her...
  • So your mind won’t go blank like it has so many times in the past...
  • And so you’ll have the kind of confidence that makes women attracted to you before you even open your mouth.




For Dating Success
*Visualization Mastery For Dating Success Is an audio
program presented by Marni that you can listen to on all your favorite devices
Now You Might Object:

Yeah, but I don’t
want to be hypnotized or changed.”

Wait a second!

I don’t want you to worry.

We’re not going to hypnotize you… manipulate you… or change you.

Instead, we’re going to show you how to leverage your mind so you can fly like an arrow toward your goals.

So you stop standing in your own way.

And so you stop kicking yourself for wasting opportunities with women.

What I’m going to show you is safe… fun…


Here’s My Unbreakable Promise to You…

With this program you will have the ability to reprogram your mind.

You will begin to think & behave like a natural.

You will take on a confidence you’ve never had before.

And you’ll finally experience what it’s like to have girls
get REALLY attracted to you.

You will triple… 5X… 7X… or even 10X the current
results you’re getting with women.

And you will be a much happier...
confident man because of it.

Most importantly, you will finally have the
FREEDOM to choose the girls you
want to date.

No more being the guy in the group who never gets the girl.

No more letting opportunities with attractive women slip by.

No more settling for girls who are just “good enough.”

By leveraging the amazing power of visualization you will finally be able to experience what it’s like to have hot girls legitimately attracted to you!

Here Are Some of
The Secrets You’ll Discover

When You Get Your Copy of “Visualization Mastery”

Man on The Mountain Visualization:

Our program starts with a roundhouse kick to the jaw of your insecurities.

The Man on The Mountain Visualization takes you through a “peak experience.” It’s an experience that will make you feel so good you just might yell out loud when you do it. And it radically boosts your confidence and self worth with women. With this visualization you will experience:

But there’s SO MUCH MORE
where that came from...

Becoming The Alpha Visualization:

This visualization is one of Mark’s fiercely guarded gems that I had to BEG HIM to share with you. It’s so beautifully composed… so clear and visceral… that I GUARANTEE you’ll look forward to doing it every day. In fact, I dare you not to get addicted to this visualization!

It’s going to show you what it feels like to be the Alpha... the girl magnet… and how to have god-like composure and unrelenting confidence around attractive women. With this visualization you’ll discover:

Goal Mapping:

This section is based off the principal that when you know you’re goal - and particularly when you visualize your goal as already being achieved - then your subconscious mind will go to work figuring out how to make it happen. In this section you will discover:

NLP Modeling:

One of the biggest components of success is taking on the belief systems of the people you want to emulate. “NLP Modeling” allows us to bypass the conscious mind and install new belief systems in the subconscious mind.

Since women are programmed to see your internal beliefs via your external behavior, when we recode your brain you will behave like an attractive man should. In this section you will discover:

The Recall Visualization:

Even if you consider yourself a “hard case,” you’ve certainly had a handful of GOOD experiences with women.

In this visualization we call upon THE BEST memory you’ve ever had with a girl and leverage it to completely overwrite any negative coding you currently have about dating.

In this visualization you will learn to:

The Heat Seeking Missile Visualization :

Your mind is like a heat seeking missile. When you visualize your goal as being achieved your mind will do just about anything to get it. Even when challenges come, it doesn’t matter. The subconscious mind is many times smarter than your conscious mind and it WILL figure out a way to make it happen! In this visualization you’ll discover:

The power of going between an “Associated State” and a “Dis-associated State.” And how you’ll use it to ‘trick’ your mind to go after the kinds of girls who are up to your standards.

How to use the NLP concept of “Beyondism.” And how to invoke the intelligence of your INTUITIVE MIND to make your goals happen for you without you having to think about them - or worse - try to make them happen.

Marks method to put a target behind your target so you can fly like an arrow and consistently HIT your goals with women.

The Relaxation Generator:

This section will get you into a deep state of relaxation before your visualization session begins. It puts your brain waves into “Alpha,” allowing your visualizations to get past your conscious mind so they can access your subconscious mind - rewiring your brain without you even being aware of it. With this process you will discover:

I wish I had time to explain the sheer


of this program.

But if I did that, we’d be here until next summer.

So for now, all I’ll say is this…

This ISN’T another program that bypasses the ROOT CAUSE of your problems with women (which is your mind)...


This is The Only Program
on the Market That Uses Mind
Technology to Radically Improve Your Dating Life

And it’s The Only Program Written by a
Visualization Expert Who Has Personally Coached Hundreds of Guys Like You to
The Peak of Success With Women

Check out a sample

of One of Our Guided Visualizations Now!

Just Look

What Others Are Saying About



For Dating Success

“WE ALL WANT TO BE THAT GUY. The dude who gets more action than Leonardo. But let’s be honest. For more guys it takes years of training to get any kind of results with women. That’s hundereds of approaches, rejections, and wasted money on girls you don’t even want anyway. There are no easier ways to ramp up your sexiness to women than to do visualizations and “self work” in the safety of your own home. When you commit to this program as I did, you get to becomes the hot dude and have all the hot dude experiences. Mark Sing gives away a tons of his secrets to make you a 10 in the eyes of women. It’s easy and YES IT WORKS!!”

Steve Wash, Palm Springs, Ca

“I just completed Visualization Mastery for Dating Success. I wanted to say first of all thank you Marni for creating this course. It’s the most effective training I’ve ever seen for becoming attractive from the inside out. It’s the best course I’ve ever taken and trust me I’ve seen them all. I can tell you and Mark put your heart and soul into all your content. Cheers.”

Johnny Nord, Liverpool, UK

“Nothing is better than making her suggest exchanging phone numbers. I always tell her NO the first time and make her really fight for it. It feels so amazing to have that same power that girls used to hold over my head.”

Wesley Kane, Cambridge, UK

“Alright, I don’t leave reviews unless a product is damn damn good and this product most definitely is. I’ve been through it probably like 70 times now, and I literally have much of the exercises memorized. Tons of good stuff in this program that will totoally change the way women perceive you as it has done for me. It’s also a joy to do it everyday. I thoroughly enjoy the visualizations because they’re exciting and they make you feel really good. Thanks Marni for figuring out a way to get this all out there.”

Troy Stakley, Englewood, Co

“I personally found this course informative because it actually gives you stuff you can use (instead of a bunch of theory). There is too much theory out there and it gets you no where. I like the programs that have real meat to them. Visualization Mastery delivers.”

Richard Sandoval, Aguascalientes, Mexico

“I recommend this program to guys who want the highest level girls. As Mark outlines, if you want hot girls then you absolutely must get your inner game right. You have to think and act like a guy who is used to being around hot women, you have to be confident, and you have to know you’re the man. This program teaches you how to do that. It also, by way of default, teaches you how to be a happier, more put together guy in all areas of your life which equals more happiness. I highly recommend this kind of training to get better with women.”

-Uriah Neckers, Lexington, KY

“Just want to say thank you very much. I just got back from a date with a beautiful model who grew up where I did. We already have a second date planned. Thank you again Marni!”

-Alojz Rybar, Prague, Czech Republic

“I’ve been in this game since the nineties and I’m rarely impressed. But with this course Marni and Mark Sing gives away some absolute gold. Especially since there aren’t any other programs out there about this stuff. I use the visualizations everyday and yes, they really work! I feel a million times more confident and girls are far more responsive to me. I’m getting more dates and more action than I ever have before - even when I was a male cheerleader in college ha ha. I highly suggest this program.”

- Sam Claiborne, Washington Heights, Ca

“I’ve always had really low confidence when it came to women. I just felt like they would laugh at me or tell me to get lost if i went to talk to them. With visualization mastery for dating I was able to work on myself and my abilities with women without actually having to put my neck on the line to do it. I could get better alone in addition to letting my attractiveness grow to the point where girls would give me green lights (as Mark and Marni call them). I did the visualizations first for about 1 month and I joined a dance class and got 2 dates from 2 different girls! I’m going to keep dancing because that gives me an excuse to talk to girls then I can wait until they’re interested and then ask them on a date. That is the safest way to do it and what I loved most about this program is that you don’t have to risk rejection to get better with girls. I cannot suggest this enough for guys who want to be more attractive to girls but are terrified of going out and trying to learn how to do it in real life. This is the way to get good before you actually play the game and for that reason I give it 5 stars.”

Ronnie Humann, Shreveport, La

“I’ve been working this course religiously for the past 2 months and I’ve had far better results than I expected. I’ve honestly never seen girls look at me like this before. That look I think I’m addicted to it. It’s like half nervousness half desire. The first time it happened I thought maybe the girl thought she knew me or something, but since then I’ve realized it’s because girls are now attracted to me and I can’t get enough of it. I just want to thank you for putting this out into the world, Marni and Mark. Like you say, when you get the inside stuff taken care of the outside takes care of itself too. Thank you again!”

Jason Anderson, 37, Perth, Australia


How much would it be worth to give yourself
CHOICE when it comes to women?



The truth is, guys just like you are spending tens of thousands to get a fraction of the results with women that we’re offering to share with you today.

Seminars… in-person boot camps… overpriced programs… club entrance fees… drinks… dates.

Very few of these deal with THE ROOT of the problem.

And all of them are VERY EXPENSIVE.

What’s more…

Hiring Mark and I as your personal coaches would cost you $500 an hour (or $250 an hour each).

If we were to personally walk you through the visualizations presented in this program - not to mention give you all the “reprogramming secrets” we reveal - you’d be looking at an investment of over $2500.

And since you probably agree that learning to attract women requires dealing with the turmoil in your mind...

We’re not going to ask you to pay $2,500 for "Visualization Mastery for Dating Success.”

In fact, we’re not even going to ask you to pay A TENTH of that amount!

If you invest in this cutting edge training RIGHT NOW…

If you commit to 10 measly minutes
a day for 30 days…

If you take your foot off the break and punch it down hard on the gas...

Then you get ALL of our fiercely guarded visualization and NLP secrets for

only $67.

A paltry sum.

Especially when you consider we’re lifting the veil
on the most radically effective seduction training
that’s probably ever hit the market (seriously).

  • 1. So if you’ve ever felt like there’s something inside you that prevents you from getting women…
  • 2. Some kind of internal “break” that hinders you no matter how hard you try to overcome it…
  • 3. And if it FEELS RIGHT to you that “reprogramming your brain” is EXACTLY what you need to get this part of your life fixed once and for all...

Then I’d like to personally invite
you to join us on this training!

To secure your copy of


Right now, just click the
“Instant Access” button below!

And Of Course, Visualization Mastery Comes With My Long Trusted 60 Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee


I know you’re probably skeptical.

After all, you’ve heard of visualization. But you’re likely wondering if it’s as effective for getting women as we’re saying it is.

So we’re going to do something that’s just plain RECKLESS!

We believe so strongly in this program’s ability to reprogram your mind…

We’re so convinced it’s going to create a windfall of women in your life…

That we’re going to shoulder ALL THE RISK of your investment today!

That means if at any time you feel like Visualization Mastery isn’t going to work for you…

If you feel like it’s too much effort... or too “woo-woo” for what you’re looking for...

Then just send me an email within 60 days and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

So here’s the smart way to play it…


Get the program now… go through it at your own pace... and DECIDE LATER if it was worth your investment.

If it isn’t, no worries!

Just send us a 5 second email and we’ll refund every last cent of your money.

That makes this a 100% risk free investment, wouldn’t you agree?

So go ahead…

Get your copy right now with the confidence
of knowing you’re 100% protected!

And Just to Make This The Easiest Decision You’ve Ever Made, We’re Also Throwing in 3 Hard HITTING BONUSES

Free Bonus #1:

“5X Your Confidence

in 5 Minutes.”

This is one of those “close to the chest” visualizations Mark saves for his premium clients.

But I can be pretty convincing…

And after a few phone calls I was able to get him to add it to this program.

“5X Your Confidence in 5 Minutes” is specifically geared to boost your confidence WITH WOMEN.

But the best thing about this process is that the confidence STAYS.

It doesn’t go away once you’ve left the heat of the fire.


It stays. And it stays FOR GOOD.

Do this visualization only a handful of times and you’ll get a confidence… self acceptance… and drive that women find MASSIVELY ATTRACTIVE.



Free Bonus #2:

Script of the Entire “Visualization Mastery” Program

When going through a curriculum like this it helps to have access to the script.

Especially for the parts where we give you new belief systems to install.

That’s why we’re including every word of the program in a PDF download you’ll get after your purchase.

Just download the script… save it to your phone… and open it up anytime you want a text-based walk-through of the content.

We especially recommend accessing the script if you ever want to create your own visualizations.

And it’s a must-have when you’re stealing the belief systems of men who are exceptional with women!



Free Bonus #3:

Visualization Mastery


Mark and I have ONE GOAL with this program…


That’s why we’ve left no stone unturned. Nor have we cut any corners.

The Visualization Mastery Worksheet is designed to get you into a “goal oriented mentality.”

It shows you where you are in your progress… and where you have to go to get to arrive to your final destination.

It’s also an excellent place to start what we call your “Win Cup” - a place to document your many upcoming successes with women when you get this program.



Within 5 Seconds

of Your Payment

You'll Get...

Visualization Mastery for Dating Success

20 Audio tracks of the most potent visualizations & NLP modeling processes to make you exponentially more attractive to women.

A $2,500 value

5X Your Confidence in 5 Minutes

A full-bodied confidence boost that will stick with you for the rest of your life

A $27 value

Script of the Entire “Visualization Mastery” Program

Specifically designed to help you plow through sticking points and make REAL progress with women in a fraction of the time.

A $57 value

“Visualization Mastery” Worksheet

A beautifully designed companion piece that will help keep you on track and accountable during your journey to the top.

A $27 value

Our 60 day, IRONCLAD, 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE.



Hi, are you still here?

Well maybe that’s because you’re on the fence about Visualization Mastery for Dating Success.

If that’s the case, let’s review your options, shall we?

Option 1…

Click away from this page and return to your current predicament with women.

Keep being disappointed with the results you’re getting. And yell at yourself for not making the change.

Always wonder if this program could have been your secret weapon to FINALLY getting the experiences with women you really want.

Option 2…

Spend tens of thousands of dollars and years of training to get proficient in visualization & NLP.

Uncover all the secrets we reveal in this program while you reverse engineer the negative programming in your brain.

Use what you’ve mastered to finally achieve the results with women you really want.

Option 3…

Take the shortest... fastest... most effective route to becoming attractive to women and invest in “Visualization Mastery for Dating Success” today.

Rid yourself of the inner turmoil and struggle...

And feel the pride of knowing you had the courage to take action when a life-changing opportunity presented itself.

You’ve read this far into the letter for a reason.

There’s a feeling inside you that KNOWS there’s something better.

It knows your ticket to the good life is just on the other side of saying YES today.

And remember…

You have absolutely nothing to lose!

If you don’t LOVE this program, just send me a quick email and I’ll buy it back from you.

That means you can discover ALL our secrets with absolutely ZERO risk.

Here’s a Smart Way

to Deal With a
Tough Decision...

Close your eyes and imagine how your life would look 10 years from now if you DON’T change how women perceive you.

What would your girlfriend or wife look like then?

Is she the kind of girl who is up to your standards?

Could you live with yourself if you settle for a girl who is “just good enough?”

Now take that visualization and FLIP IT.

Imagine finally being attractive to women...

Imagine having the CHOICE to date whoever you want.

And imagine how good it will feel to date MANY GIRLS and then pick the very best one for you!

She’s out there right now.

Are you doing what it takes to be able to attract her?

You will have that ability when you invest in Visualization Mastery today.

And even if I’m only half right, you’ll still get more ATTENTION FROM GIRLS in one month than you would in a lifetime!

So don’t wait one instant longer.

Click the “Instant Access” button right now.

And experience what it’s like when you remove your foot from the break…


Your new life is waiting...

I’ll see you inside!


1 How is this product formatted?

This is an audio program that was written by Mark Sing and voiced by your wing girl, Marni. You can download it to your phone… listen to it before you sleep or while you relax... and it’s laid out in tracks so you can skip to your favorite visualization anytime you’d like. It is 20 tracks and comes with 3 bonuses including 5X Your Confidence in 5 Minutes… a script of the entire program... and our Visualization Mastery Worksheet.

2What exactly will his program do for me?

It will reprogram your mind so you can think and behave like a natural. You do not have to change. You do not have to do anything you’re not comfortable with. You will not turn into a douchebag. You’ll simply take on more attractive, healthier programming that will reflect in your body language... tonality... bearing… and behavior which will make women significantly more attracted to you.

3How does visualization work?

When you clearly visualize a goal, it creates a conflict in your subconscious mind between your visualization and your current reality.

Your mind is programmed to resolve that conflict by working out a way to get the reality you have envisioned. So the creative powers within you are activated. Suddenly you’ll find yourself more motivated and inspired. And creative solutions will pop into your head as if out of thin air. But here’s the best part of visualization: M.R.I. brain scans tell us that your mind can’t tell the difference between a visualization and the real thing. So when you visualize success, success-related neural pathways are written into your brain. At that point your brain is quite literally programmed to know what it’s like to succeed.

So when the real thing happens - such as approaching a woman - you will act in a way that is congruent with a successful approach. This technology is used by high performers across a wide variety of disciplines. But it’s particularly effective with dating because women are hard wired to detect high value traits… belief systems… and mannerisms. All of which can be given to you through visualization.

4I’m not good at visualizing and imagining things. Can I still use this program effectively?

Definitely! The truth is, you don’t need to be that good at visualization for this program to work for you. That’s because your subconscious mind is taking care of the brunt of the work. So even if you have a super star imagination, it doesn’t matter that much because the real magic is taking place behind the curtain. As long as you’re being consistent with it, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS.

5 What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)?

NLP, or “Neuro Linguistic Programming,” was originally created to model the success of highly effective people. The creators wanted to prove that if you could take on the programming of high performers then you’d be able to reproduce their high performance. NLP makes the connection between neurological processes... language... and behavioral patterns learned through experience and these can be reprogrammed to achieve specific goals in life. NLP is especially effective with attracting women because your “inner game” is far more important than outer things like looks and money. When you have confidence and high self esteem women will detect it and get attracted to you because of it. That’s why it’s so important that we “clean up the mess in our heads” and move ourselves in the direction of self acceptance. This program is specifically designed to help you do just that!

6How does NLP Modeling work?

One of the biggest components of NLP is taking on the belief systems of the people you want to emulate. And since this course is all about becoming more attractive to women, one of the most important steps on your journey is to inherit the belief systems of “naturals.” In addition to reprogramming your neurology, you’ll also inherit the right body language and mannerisms which are a direct result of your inner thinking and belief systems. You probably know by now that women can read right through you. They’re designed that way. And they’re attracted to men who have high status beliefs and powerful thought patterns. Everything you think and everything you believe is reflected in your body language and tone of voice. So when you get the inner right, the outer with take care of itself. NLP Modeling allows us to “reprogram the mechanism” so we can demonstrate attractive qualities to women without even consciously trying to do so.

7I don’t want to change or turn into something I’m not. Will this program force me to do that?

This program is not about changing you. It’s about helping you become the best version of yourself. You have an attractive man inside you. But through life’s struggles that man has been “covered up” by low value traits and insecure mannerisms. You were born with perfect confidence and self esteem.

This program will simply get you back to that. So no, you will not change in any way you don’t want to (unless, of course, you don’t want to be happier… at peace… and MUCH more attractive to women ;).

8When can I get started?

Now that’s a question of a guy who’s already on his way to getting girls. You can start RIGHT NOW. Just click the “Instant Access” button below and within seconds you’ll have your own copy of Visualization Mastery for Dating Success!