A Manual For How to Speak to Women
in a Way That Builds Attraction.

The Banter Guide contains in-depth instructions that guide the reader through how an attraction-building conversation should unfold. It gives practical exercises to develop engaging wit ... humor ... and social calibration that women find highly attractive.

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Women rate a sense of humor as the most attractive quality a man can have. Bantering demonstrates the kind of wit that makes women laugh without the common mistake of going into “clown mode.”
Many men struggle with texting and dating websites because they don’t know how to build the vibe. But when bantering is added to digital conversations it quickly builds attraction and dramatically increases the chances of landing a first date.
Bantering always includes a healthy element of teasing. And teasing shows non-dependence on outcome ... a strong frame … and the ability to create sexual tension.
Women love men who are playful. Bantering gives them the good feelings of being back on the school-yard which builds that all-important trust and connection.
The ability to banter is almost exclusively reserved for men who are already successful with women. And nothing is more attractive than a man who already has women in his life.
Bantering is the foundation of flirting. It shows confidence, social intelligence, and it creates a fun dynamic that women are irresistibly drawn to.

What Does The Banter Guide Include?

The Banter Guide includes step-by-step instructions for how to speak with women in a way that builds attraction.

It provides concrete examples including real life conversations … texts … and if/then templates.

It also provides homework assignments and missions the reader can do from the comfort of their own home to quickly improve their bantering skill set.

This program was specifically designed for men who want to improve their results with women.

Features Inside The Banter Guide

  • 1) The 3 Essential Steps to Witty Banter

    The Banter Guide takes a “how to” approach to creating attraction-building conversations. The reader is given proven steps to dramatically improve their banter within days of taking the program.

  • 2) How to Create Engaging Openers in Seconds

    By using the “OIC method” witty openers can be created seemingly out of thin air. This gives men the ability to see an attractive women and know exactly what to say to immediately engage her in a conversation that builds lasting attraction.

  • 3) Body Language and Tone of Voice

    Body language is the foundation of all attractive conversations. That’s why The Banter Guide gives exercises to develop all the most important qualities communicated on the non-verbal level.

  • 4) The OCS & OCOS Methods

    Creating banter in real time seems like a god-given talent reserved for comedians and those with natural wit. But with the right formulas, witty comments and charming banter can be built by anyone right on the spot.

  • 5) Yes, and… No, but.

    Since The Banter Guide was written by a comic, the program includes practices and exercises to create rapid fast comebacks and hilarious quips in mere seconds.

  • 6) Bantering Online And Over Text

    These days, much of the attraction building phase will take place via texting or email. That’s why The Banter Guide dives deep on how to banter on digital platforms. It includes real-life example text conversations … tricks for getting her to laugh … and field-tested secrets for creating chemistry that will last well past the first date.

  • 7) The Core Pillars of Banter

    It can be a challenge to create banter when speaking to a particularly beautiful woman. That’s why The Banter Guide outlines easy-to-remember steps for those frustrating times when the mind freezes up and goes into screensaver mode.

  • 8) Sarcasm

    It is said that sarcasm is the spice of wit. The Banter Guide outlines what kind of sarcasm creates attraction in women. And it shows the reader how to deploy it on the interactions that matter most.

  • 9) Homework & Missions

    Like anything else, the best way to get good at bantering is with practice. That’s why The Banter Guide comes with real-life exercises the reader ca n practice from the comfort of his own home. These exercises are designed to develop funny comebacks and openers with speed and relevance. So when the right girl comes along, the right approach will be ready!

The Banter Guide Also Includes a Free Bonus:

The Conversation Sniper

The Conversation Sniper was written by master pick-up artist Mark Sing, and it includes 101 witty lines to breath life into dying conversations.

Here are 7 of the 101 lines included with The Conversation Sniper:
  • Challenging Set-ups: You: “Do you like to travel?” Her: “Yes” You: “Then travel over there.” (as you playfully push her away)
  • Playful Questions: “Your friend tells me you’re in school to become an ice cream man. How’s that going for you?”
  • Statements to Build Intrigue: “You do this one thing that’s soooo cute. But I don’t want to tell you what it is cuz then you’ll stop doing it.”
  • Teasing One Liners: “You and my grandma should totally go pick up guys together.”
  • Future Pacing Questions: “If you were in kissing school what grade would you get?”
  • Frame Control Reversals: Her: “Why are you wearing XYZ?” You: “I know you’re trying to get me undressed right now, sweetie. But this isn’t the time or place for that. Relax.”
  • Conversation Savers: “Alright, I’m going to show you a picture of my dog/cat/bird. Just to warn you though, this picture is so cute rainbows are going to shoot out of your a** when you see it.”
  • Fresh Things to Talk About: "If you could have a billboard on the side of the freeway, what would it say on it?"

The Banter Guide Package

You will receive instant digital access to the full program which includes…

The Banter Guide & The Conversation Sniper eBooks

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Both will be accessible via download immediately after purchase.

Here’s What Other Men Are Saying About The Banter Guide

The banter guide has totally opened me up, I used to be very closed up but since reading the banter guide it's broken me out of my shell and made me less fearful of "roughing her feathers" so to speak.


You have great advice for blue pill guys. I think you are the best chance of holding a guys hand and walking him into the reality of dating and attraction. Also, I appreciate your business pitch, it’s straight up and refreshing, no sneaky small print. I’m just trying to say I respect you and what you’re doing.


Marni, you're a LIFECHANGER! Btw, Marni, you changed my life. Thank you. Now I'm going to run for president and fix a lot of things in this country. I truly have you to thank, in large portion, for the ability to realize my potential. My girlfriend, now of about two years, thanks you too although she's a little jealous. ;) r


I truly believe that the banter guide is a must have if you’re looking to buy any of Marni’s products. I would place it in top three of importance along side “How to Become A Man Women Want” and “F Formula”. I’ve only been using it a couple weeks and I’m already seeing results.


Hi Marni, Thank you for helping me out with your Wing Girl Method program!!! I hope the girl I want (and know for 19 months) gets a better me!!! I'm sure she wants me in the long run!!! Thank you again, your help is very valueable!!! No questions, just a thank you!


"Kristen has helped me to realize how important banter is in communicating with women. From sending that first message or text, to keeping the conversation going and getting the date, banter is key, and Kristen will help you get it right!”


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I want you to feel good about your purchase today. That’s why The Banter Guide comes with my 60 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

So go ahead and make your purchase right now ... go through the content at your own pace .. and if it doesn’t live up to your expectations — for whatever reason — simply send me an email and I’ll refund your entire purchase price.

I genuinely want to make this investment as risk free for you as possible. So feel comfortable knowing that you’re 100% protected!

The Banter Guide Package

You will receive instant digital access to the full program which includes…

The Banter Guide & The Conversation Sniper eBooks

ONLY $25

Both will be accessible via download immediately after purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Who is The Banter Guide for?

    A: The Banter Guide was specifically designed for men who want to learn how to get women attracted to them.

  • Q: How do I access the content once I purchase the course?

    A: As soon as your purchase is complete you’ll be redirected to our download page where you can get your copy of both The Banter Guide and The Conversation Sniper.

  • Q: What is your returns policy?

    A: If you’re not happy with the program just let us know within 60 days and we’ll send you a full refund.

  • Q: Is this course for beginners or advanced users?

    A: The Banter Guide will work for you if you’re a beginner or pro. Even expert pick-up artists tell us this program is choke full of content that dramatically improved their bantering skills with women.

  • Q: How long will it take before I start landing girls?

    A: That depends on you, but we’ve seen students get amazing results in just a matter of days. With the frameworks and homework we provide, most guys see a marked difference in their bantering skills within days of taking the program.

  • Q: Do you have any proof that this stuff works?

    A: OF COURSE! Check out the testimonials we included in the sections above. Bantering with women is absolutely essential to build attraction. So it’s no wonder that this has been one of the most positively received products we’ve ever created.

  • Q: I have my eyes on a specific woman right now. Will this help me get her?

    A: Definitely. If I had to guess, I’d say you’re in the friend zone with this girl and you want to take things to the next level. If that’s the case, the first step is to change the way she sees you. And the most effective way to do that is to get good with women in general. Bantering immediately raises your stock in the eyes of all women because it’s the single most effective way to make yourself more universally attractive. Once you get good with women in general, she will likely start to get attracted to you herself.

  • Q: When can I get started?

    A: You can get started right now. Just click the “Instant Access” button below and within seconds you’ll be on your way to bantering mastery.

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